KC Capital Fund, LLC provides well-secured loans in a first lien position

KC Capital Fund, LLC (“KCCF”) has been created to provide well-secured loans in first lien position. Capital will be used to provide loans to qualified borrowers to purchase and resell foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties. Funds may be used for other lending purposes for well secured loans with high yields to benefit our investors. Additionally, construction financing will also be a key part of the strategy for lending. The key lending markets are Washington and Oregon.  The targeted objective is to achieve investor returns of 10% (exceeding the 7% preferred return) through a mixture of loans and low cost bank leverage. The unique benefit of KCCF is found in the safety and liquidity of your investment. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION about KC Capital Fund through K&C Investments, please Contact Us by phone or email to get in touch with a K&C team member.


Click Here to download the complete KC Capital Fund, LLC Offering Memorandum. Last Updated: January 1,2020.