K&C Investments, Inc. is driven by a core set of values that strives to establish trust, stability and confidence with each investor.



K&C Investments is driven by a core set of values that strives to establish trust, stability and confidence with each investor. Our primary goal is to protect investor capital while achieving regular robust cash flows by focusing on deals that can produce significant returns. K&C has specific funds that provide unusual liquidity for your investment. To achieve this goal, K&C utilizes its large network in the Northern California and the Pacific Northwest real estate industry and more than 20 years of experience of the Co-Founders to identify, analyze and act on lucrative opportunities.

K&C thoroughly investigates each purchase and lending opportunity with detailed due diligence and extensive financial analysis to maximize the returns on each potential project. We utilize our extensive network of resources to assess risk and obtain the best terms available for each transaction. Once a property has been acquired, K&C implements proactive property management strategies and tactics. This includes improving tenant profiles and retention as well as aggressive marketing, consistent day-to-day management and value added property improvements.

Our strategies and hands on approach help add value and boost cash flow, creating above market yields to investors in the form of profit and appreciation. Throughout the history of the company, our investors have never lost a penny! In fact, K&C has established a rate of return averaging 7-20% on every investment made. Rate of returns vary based on the specific investment fund.



K&C Investments, Inc. was born out of a vision of improving the lives of our clients through a unique, caring and personalized experience. We put investor needs first. We are motivated by integrity and honesty, which compels us to provide the safest and most stable investment opportunities possible to each investor. Our consistent, high performance success rate and dependable service gives investors the confidence they deserve. K&C Investments, Inc. is not concerned with being one of the largest companies but rather a company loyal to its investors and dedicated to the protection and success of every dollar entrusted to us by our clients.

Giving Back


K&C Investments, Inc. is committed to the corporate philosophy of being of service to our investors, their families and their communities. Through our affiliated property management company, Quality Property Management (QPM, LLC) http://qpmsac.com/ we seek to improve the livelihoods of our residents. QPM takes pride in offering a wide variety of community outreach and service partnerships with organizations such as, Everyone Matters Ministry, Habitat for Humanity and Stanford Youth Solutions. In order to engage and support their local tenant communities and foster strong relationships, our management team sponsors frequent gatherings and community events including a kids free lunch program, shopping for seniors and those with disabilities as well as seasonal events for residents including holiday door decorating, raffles, children’s coloring competitions and a 5k bikeathon.

K&C Investments works closely with School Worxhttp://school-worx.org/ and Wednesday’s Gift http://wednesdaysgift.org/ which are non-profit organizations that assist individuals in need in Marin County and the Bay Area. Over the years, we have continued to work closely within our community to directly help those in need with random acts of compassion and assistance.

K&C Investments additionally supports numerous Marin based organizations such as Marin Legal Aide, Bloom of Marin, Marin 100, Marin Children’s and Family Law Center and Marin Foster Parents with financial contributions. We participate in fundraisers for schools and have hosted or co-hosted golf tournaments for a number of community organizations.