K&C Investments is a small private firm specializing in real estate investment

The primary goal of K&C Investments is to insure expedient and consistent cash flow to participating investors. Founded in 2001, K&C Investments, Inc. has grown to include purchasing, lending and brokerage divisions. The concept for the company grew out of a deep and enduring friendship between Mark Kramer and Michael Train Caldwell, co-founding partners, who share a mutual passion for real estate investment. Michael Train Caldwell is a successful Bay Area attorney who began investing in real estate in the late 90’s. He focused on out of state apartment buildings and these successful ventures produced passive income and positive cash flow. Mark Kramer, an executive with various national restaurant chains, began buying and selling multiplex units in the Sacramento market. These business enterprises allowed Mark to gain valuable knowledge of the real estate market. Over time, he developed the vital and experienced skills necessary for understanding pricing, rent stabilization, property improvement, market trends and capital turnover.

strategy As the two friends traveled successfully down their respective paths they began to strategize, realizing the impact they could have by joining forces. Both wanted to share the opportunities for financial success they had enjoyed with their friends and families. In 2001, Mark and Michael put their concept to the test with their initial investor’s funds. They purchased several apartment complexes in the Sacramento area. The result was extremely profitable! Many more deals were to follow. Between 2001 and 2005, K&C Investments, Inc. bought and sold more than thirty apartment complexes with unheard of returns. Several deals produced profits of more than 100% of the invested capital!

In late 2005, as the real estate market grew soft, K&C lowered investor exposure by selling off their larger capital assets. At the same time, they began actively searching for ways to take advantage of the historic changes in pricing, credit and real estate lending. In response to these shifts, K&C developed a lending division that enabled them to tap into one of the tightest credit markets in recent banking history. Eventually, the company began making hard money loans, with protected levels of risks and investors once again reaped the benefits. K&C has an active lending fund in Seattle that is produces 8-12% cash on cash return to its investors while achieving regular liquidity and historically prompt return of investor capital when needed.

Despite the economic turmoil of the last few years, the faulty lending and credit practices which led to the housing market crash and the volatility of the stock market, K&C Investments, Inc. did not lose a penny of investor funds! The company has produced returns of no less than 7%, an impressive and remarkable achievement given the unstable economic climate.

K&C Investments, Inc. is eager to continue offering lucrative opportunities for cash flow and capital growth to those interested in joining our ever widening pool of successful investors.