See what our clients are saying about K&C Investments, Inc.

“I have been with K&C from the start. I am amazed by my returns, and love the distribution checks.” – Mike Burrows
“The monthly returns have been huge and help pay my overhead. Further, if I ever have a question or concern I know I can call to speak personally to Mark and or Michael, it is a personal relationship with my investment company and my money.” – Jonathan Bornstein
“Our family investment with K&C has really helped offset our family’s monthly expenses. I am grateful for the return.” – Karen Caldwell
“I have invested with K&C for a number of years. They have always paid a great deal of attention to my needs and made sure I was comfortable through the investing process. The returns speak for themselves… and the distribution checks have changed my relationship with my mailbox.” – Tim Nielsen
“K&C Investments, Inc. has been the one constant producer in my portfolio over the last ten years. Through good financial times and bad, I have been able to count on K&C. For service and results, there is no better place to invest your money.” – Rob Rinaldi