Combined expertise and professionalism comprise the proven K&C Investments, Inc. team

Mark Kramer

Mark Allen Kramer is the President and Co-Founder of K&C Investments, Inc. As President, Mr. Kramer carefully and methodically analyzes each investment opportunity and negotiates necessary the terms or prices that are included in consummating K&C and their investors participation in the given project. Mr. Kramer oversees all team members including legal counsel, fundraising, financing and property management to maintain a constant overview of each project.

Mr. Kramer has been chief negotiator for K&C Investments in the acquisition management and sale of over $500 million in real estate ventures, business opportunities and first deeds of trust loans. Through his leadership, K&C Investments has been able to secure a positive return to all investor funds and never lost any investor capital. He is dedicated to serve and protect our investors and their funds, abiding by company wide principles that promote safety, security, capital preservation and consistent returns that are competitive in today’s market place.

Prior to Mr. Kramer’s success as President of K&C, he was a successful executive in business operations for over 15 years. As President of San Francisco based World Wrapp’s Restaurants Inc., he was responsible for real estate site selection, architectural design, property/building maintenance, financial analysis and profit management. Mr. Kramer was responsible for similar duties at the Arizona based company, The Coffee Plantation. He managed the executive team, business operations and real estate operations in multiple markets which included Arizona, Texas and Southern California. Furthermore, he was a successful real estate investor in his own right with double and triple digit returns for projects bought and sold.

Mr. Kramer is Principal of Quality Property Management with his wife, Gia Kramer and business partner, Michael Train Caldwell.

Michael Caldwell

Michael Train Caldwell is the Vice President of Business Development for K&C Investments, Inc., and was co-founder of the company with Mr. Kramer.  Mr. Caldwell, a Lawyer by training, is responsible for overseeing all legal aspects of the company’s operations. He also manages and coordinates outside legal counsel concerning various project issues and concerns. Mr. Caldwell participates daily with Mr. Kramer in determining project strategy and K&C involvement and capital participation.

Mr. Caldwell helps determine the capital needs for each investment project and leads the K&C team in developing new sources of capital. He is also a participating Real Estate Broker and acts as the company’s broker for all real estate transactions and loans. As with Mr. Kramer, Mr. Caldwell has a long history of successful real estate investing, participating in profitable multifamily projects in several states beginning in 1994.

Mr. Caldwell, a successful litigator that has traditionally focused on torts and consumer wrongs is also part of the Caldwell Law Firm, a small coutique firm of lawyers dedicated to fighting for their clients rights, and has the benefit of working with his sister and brother in this regard.

Gia Kramer

Gia Kramer is Vice-President and Corporate Secretary for K&C Investments, Inc. Mrs. Kramer is responsible for organizing and implementing all administrative functions, document compliance and retention, database management, investor communications and limited partnership formations and compliance for K&C Investments, Inc.  Mrs. Kramer evaluates, oversees and participates in the management of each investment property.

Mrs. Kramer additionally serves as President of Quality Property Management based in Sacramento. As President of QPM, she is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and business objectives of the company. Mrs. Kramer personally evaluates, oversees and participates in the management of each investment property.

Mrs. Kramer has been an executive in business operations for over 30 years and has an extensive background in fast-growing and start-up companies. She has helped start and build companies in a variety of industries including real estate, restaurant and high tech. Mrs. Kramer’s focus is in business planning and strategy, legal compliance, budget control and human resources and development. She has been involved in property management for over twenty years and is currently responsible for managing over 700 units.

Mrs. Kramer holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Davis. She is an active member of the Rental Housing Association (RHA) California Apartment Association (CAA), CONVENE and served on several company and organizational boards.